Friday, September 08, 2006

The SJI Mats List

This is an entry about the SJI Mats. Not all of you will know who or what I'm talking about. So to avoid being thoroughly confounded, you should go here.

This entry would mainly concern the SJI Mats (duh!), but is also useful for our friends, and people getting to know any of us. And not to forget...potential satays and pratas...

The thing about most groups of close friends is that they are very similar, in terms of character, and in terms of taste. Not the SJI Mats, though. Individually, we are one in six. The odds are very likely higher than that, even.

Thing is, we've had no difficulty standing together, save one or two incidents. Definitely no more than two. So, with the help of Nazir and Mus, and considering input from Iskandar, Aizat and Nas, I set about setting us apart. How do I go about doing that? The same way meritocratic systems set apart its subordinates - by ranking us in lists.

I present to you the complete SJI Mats List...

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